Hamilton Home Value Report

The most common mistake made by the "for sale by owner" is in pricing the home. Are you selling and need help setting your sales price? Are you looking to buy a property and want to get another opinion on the value before you make an offer?

Try an Online Home Valuation - Of course the internet has made everything easy these days. There are now online companies that can give you an online real estate appraisal or Automated Valuation Model (AVM). These can be just as good as full appraisals done at a fraction of the price. Most real estate appraisals costs between $350 to $500 however for less than $30 you can order a fully printable AVM. AVM's are often so accurate that they are honored by many lending institutions. The online real estate appraisal typically has the same tools you need to determine your property value. With these reports you can see the same home values, property data, sales com parables, and supporting real estate sales data that Lenders use to make risk decisions for mortgages, home equity loans, and credit lines. This method is by far the fastest and most convenient, hassle free way of determining a fair sales price. We recommend the online Electronic Appraiser for this service. Try this service by clicking the box below.

Hamilton Home Values